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30/6 Certificate Issuing


In order to qualify for automobile insurance reductions you need to complete 30 hours of online driving theory with 6 hours of behind - the - wheel driving instruction.  We provide two certificates so you can solicit automobile insurance companies for better pricing.

      Driving entails a lot more than you think. We offer driving lessons which teach your New Student Driver to reach, "license test pass ready status" in a safe, law abiding and systematic manner.

Do you want to know what we teach? 

      Please review our innovative stream video presentations as Homework Assignments in preparation for your first, second and third driving lesson with our professionals, free of charge!

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Who We Are

      DriveCentral LLC is a private driver training school servicing Delco or Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Our driving schools' Director, "Mr. Aaron Williams" functioned as a, "License Test Examiner" at the Norristown Driver License Center for 5 years giving driver licenses with a smile to New Student Drivers all day.  Hence he has knowledge of license test procedures, how PENNDOT Driver License Centers score their license test exams and he is more than willing to share his indepth knowledge and experience with you.  

      We offer behind-the-wheel instruction in two-hour increments with a flexible payment structure for doorstep pickup service in Philadelphia, Delaware and East Montgomery counties. We provide a test pass guarantee if our New Student Drivers complete three two-hour driving lessons with us and therefore utilize our services for license testing. Ninety percent of our Student Drivers pass on their first license test attempt.  If not, we will take you back the second time for, "free!"  This is our published, "License Test Pass Guarantee!"

      When New Student Drivers have little to no driving experience it usually takes our professional driving instructors (3) 2 hour training sessions to reach, "license test pass ready status."  Please see our, "Lesson Plan" tab for what we teach?

      DriveCentral LLC is a Delco or Delaware County Driving School offering New Student Drivers' certificates so that they can qualify for Automobile Insurance Reductions.  Why not register, book or schedule your 30/6 curriculums with 30 hours of online driving theory and 6 hours of behind - the - wheel driving instruction with us, today!  Just click on the pictures below to start your driver training program, now...


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YOU PAY $99.95 for 30 hours of online driving theory by clicking on the picture above:



Automobile Insurance Reductions - Driving School

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YOU PAY $300 for (3) 2 hour behind - the - wheel driving lessons with our Professional Driving Instructors by clicking on the picture above:


      Please note that your license test appointment at PENNDOT Driver License Center is not included with, "AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE REDUCTION" service name. 

      Our most sold Package Deal with service name, "Drivers Independence" includes your license test exam for New Student Drivers 18 to 24 years of age.  Does this sound like the specific driver training program you are looking for?  If not, please see our service (tab) of this website for service needs which address your specific driver training objectives.

Contact our driving school servicing Delco or Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and learn how to be a safe, responsible and self-sufficient driver.  "Licensed & Independent"